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Glyphic is a collection of pieces centred on engravings and symbols found on coins from the Classical world. In an age when the written word was not so widely understood as it is now, these talismanic symbols carried weight and meaning as well as a personal sense of identity.

Each piece from the collection is cast from an original ancient artefact. The pieces are all reversible and can be customised by the wearer for a personlised look.


Original design 2 Silver Ephesian coin necklace bee with silver chain low res Silver and sapphire Ephesian coin necklace with silver chain low res Double charm necklace star and bee with gold chain GL1N01 star low res GL1N02 lion low res GL2N01 low res Silver Akarnanian Pegasus necklace low res Silver Akarnanian Athena necklace low res GL2N02 low res GL1B01 low res GL1B02 low res GL1E01 low res GL1E02 low res GL2E01 low res GL2E02 low res GL3E01 low res GL3E02 low res Silver Ephesian coin earrings bee and stag low res Silver and sapphire Ephesian coin bracelet bee low res