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The Collections:


 Welcome to the latest collections from Laura Hayward Jewellery. The inspiration behind these collections comes primarily from the designs of the jewellery of the ancient Romans and Greeks, from as early as the 5th century BC to the 4th century AD. Craftsmen and goldsmiths working at this time showed great skill and variety in the jewellery that they produced and excelled in techniques such as casting and bead work.


 Inspired by these techniques, Laura’s collections are a careful fusion of ancient classic design and modern detail, culminating in wearable and desirable pieces.


 Each piece is hand made by the designer and all the gemstones have been hand selected from travels to the Far East. The pieces include some more unusual stones such as chrysoprase, green amethyst and iolite. The diamonds used by Laura Hayward Jewellery are sourced from a reputable diamond company that complies with the Kimberley Process and can therefore guarantee that the stones they supply are conflict free.


 The collections are made in 9ct yellow gold and sterling silver. Pieces over the required weight will be hallmarked with the maker’s mark and the legally required assay marks from the London Assay Office.



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The Designer:


Based in London since 2001, Laura completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Classics at University College London in 2004. She then turned her attentions to jewellery design, completing evening classes at Central St. Martins and London Metropolitan University and then producing her first collection in early 2006. Laura has also taught Classics at secondary school level since 2010. Her studies of the classical world have heavily influenced the design concept of her jewellery.




In 2008 Laura was awarded the prestigious accolade of Young Jewellery Designer of the Year in association with luxury online jewellery retailer Astley She was later commissioned to produce an exclusive collection in 18ct gold for Astley